14th MIFA International Exchange Festival

The 14th MIFA International Exchange Festival
Purpose 1) To make residents of Meguro City better familiar with MIFA
2) To deepen international friendship and mutual understandings
Theme Festival! Travel around the World in Meguro
Date 10:00-16:00 on Jan.20 (Sun.), 2019
Venues *Main Hall at Meguro Persimmon Hall(1ー1ー1, Yakumo, Meguro-ku)
*Meguro Kumin Campus Park(1ー1ー12, Yakumo, Meguro-ku)
Organized by Meguro International Friendship Association(MIFA)
Co-organized by Meguro City, Eco-life Meguro Promotion Association
Sponsored by *Haagen-Dazs Japan, Inc.
*Miyagawa Conf. CO., Ltd.
*Sapporo Breweries Ltd.
Managed by The MIFA International Exchange Festival Committee
Volunteers Preparation Staff (50)/Support Staff (150) Total:200
Programs Meguro Kumin Campus Park

  • Chinese Food “Shanghai Delica“
    Xiaolongbao (Chinese dumplings)
  • Indonesian Food(Tokyo Indonesian School)
    Mie Ayam / Mie Goreng / Nasi Goreng / Sate
  • Sri Lankan Food “Ceylon Inn“
    Vegetable Godamba / Sri Lankan Savory Pancake
  • Thai Food “Songkran”
    Thai Rice Noodles
  • Turkish Food “Cafe Restaurant Sabalan“
    Doner Kebab / Turkish Beer
Main Hall at Meguro Persimmon Hall

  • Main Hall Stage
    09:55-10:00 Slides of the 13th MIFA festival
    10:00-10:05 Greeting from MIFA Chief Director
    10:05-10:10 Greeting from Mayor of Meguro City
    10:10-10:15 Greeting from Ambassador from Gabonese Embassy
    10:20-10:40 Tsugaru Shamisen (SPIRITS)
    10:45-11:05 Children Chorus(Meguro UNESCO Cosmos)
    11:10-11:30 Indonesian Music and Dance(Tokyko Indonesian School)
    11:35-11:55 Filipino Dance(Seisen International School)
    12:00-12:10 Kimono Show part 1
    《50 min. intermission》
    13:00-13:20 Nagauta(Yakumo International)
    13:25-13:45 Uzbek Dance(Gristan)
    13:50-15:15 Panel Discussion(MIFA)
    15:20-15:30 Kimono Show part 2
    15:35-15:55 Uzbek Dance(Uzbegim)
  • Main Hall Foyer 1F

Algerian Embassy (Couscous / Cakes / Mint Tea / Sand Rose / Jewelry / Leather Goods / Traditional Clothes / Carpets)

Egyptian Embassy (Culture, Education and Science Bureau)(Perfume / Papyrus / Pochet / Mugcup)

Gabonese Embassy (Display)

Kenyan Embassy (Black Tea / Black Tea Leaves / Kenyan Artifacts / Kenyan Accessories)

Kyrgyz Embassy (Samosa / Nan / Honey / Felt goods / Bags / Small Articles / CD)

Latvian Embassy (Cloth/ Mittens / Nut Crackers / Bags / Basket)

Nepalese Embassy (Felt Goods / Necklaces / Muffler / Cap)

Polish Embassy (Sale of Polish doughnuts)

Rwandan Embassy (Rwandan Coffee / Rwandan Tea / Gisafria / cards / poaches / luncheonmats / bags)

Sudanese Embassy (Leather Handbags / Handbags / Hand-crafts / Antiques / Wallets / Necklaces)

Togolese Embassy (Couscous/Fruit Ginger Juice/Doughnuts/Handbags / Hand-crafts / Clothes / Hair Decoration)

Uzbek Embassy (Plov / samsa / Non)
Learn Writing System of Languages
A non-Japanese writes your name in his/her her language.
Japanese Game of GO
A lesson for beginners / Play GO with an experienced player
Disaster Awareness PR
Tokyo bottled water / Meguro Disaster Survival Map / Disaster Preparedness in Tokyo / Display of Disaster Kits
Portrait Painting
Drink Corner
A cup of coffee will free for each visitor.
Stamp Rally
A giveaway will be awarded when seals are collected. 
Mini-Japanese Conversation Salon
Enjoy Talking with a non-Japanese/Japanese in Japanese.
Japanese Calligraphy
Learn how to write hiragana, katakana, and kanji.
Your Name in Kanji with Brush Calligraphy

  • Main Hall Foyer 2F
    Mini-Japanese Conversation Salon / Calligraphy /Ikebana
  • Small Hall

Exhibition of MIFA Activities
Amusement for Children
Face painting / Art balloon making / Bamboo Dance /Enjoy English with ALTs / Origami
Olympics & Paralympics Promotion Section
Promotional Video for the Tokyo 2020 games
Taiwanese Tea Ceremony
11:00-11:30/12:30-13:00/13:30-14:00/14:30-15:00  Free of charge

【Groups of International Cooperation/Friendship】

  • Seisen International School
    — Craft making workshop.
  • Meguro Branch of Tokyo Administrative Scriveners Association
    — Provide information.
  • NPO Meguro UNESCO Association (Kopotokko Bangladesh)
    —Sale of foreign clothes.
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School
    — Sale of Fairtrade goods.
  • Kokka-no-wa Project
    — PR of activities, Sale of pins, badges, straps of national flags.
  • Meguro City Japan-China Friendship Association
    — PR of activities, Answer a quiz and get a prize, Learn Chinese conversation.
  • Multilingual Picture books — RAINBOW —
    —Exhibition of Asian picture books & traditional clothes for kids.
  • Meguro Branch of Japan-China Friendship Association
    —PR of activities, Guide to Chinese “Hyakka” test, traditional Chinese paper cutting.
  • IPIL-IPIL no kai
    —Exhibition of Photos, workshop.
  • The Archives of The World Languages
    — Exhibition of books, distribution of leaflets, video show and linguistic quiz by students
  • NPO Refugee Empowerment Network
    —Sale of Beads accessory and books
  • B1F Rooms
    Japanese Tea Ceremony
    Venue: 1st Practice Room
    11:00-11:45 / 12:00-12:45 / 13:30-14:15 / 14:30-15:15
  • Try on Kimono
    Venue: 2nd Practice Room (male) / Rehearsal Room (female)
    Seeking emerging models for a kimono show!
    10:45-13:00 / 13:45-16:00
Expected number of visitors: 2,000 (in total)
Previous festival The 13th MIFA International Exchange Festival held on Feb.11 (Sun.) 2018:  Visitors: 2,000 including 400 non-native Japanese visitors / Volunteers: 227
The 14th MIFA International Exchange Festival Committee Meeting Schedule
July-August Performers, booth managers, and volunteers are recruited.
Sept.29(Sat.) 10:00-12:00(B1F Meeting Room15) Preparatory meeting
(Leaders of the previous committee and MIFA staff discuss the upcoming festival.)
Oct.6 (Sat.) 13:30-15:30 1st committee meeting
Nov.3 (Sat.) 10:00-12:00 2nd committee meeting
Nov.24 (Sat.) 10:00-12:00 group/team meeting
Dec.8 (Sat.) 10:00-12:00 3rd committee meeting
Dec.22 (Sat.) 10:00-12:00 group/team meeting
Jan.12 (Sat.) 10:00-12:00 4th committee meeting
Jan.17(Thurs.) 9:00-17:00 packing
Jan.18 (Fri.) 13:00-17:00 shipment in
Jan.19 (Sat.) 8:30-10:00 set up the park
9:00-12:00 set up Small Hall and rooms on B1F
10:00-13:00 set up foyer at Main Hall
9:00-18:00 rehearsal at Main Hall stage
Jan.20 (Sun.) 10:00-16:00 The 14th MIFA Festival
Jan.21 (Mon.) 9:00-11:00 shipment out
Jan.26 (Sat.) 10:00-12:00 5th festival meeting

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