【Report】Sightseeing Walk in Meguro – Visit Seven Deities of Good Fortune in Yamate on Wednesday, Jan.5 (Wed.), 2022

Thank you very much for joining us! We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Time: 9:30-12:00 on Jan.5 (Wed.), 2022
Participants met at ticket gate of Shirokanetakanawa Station
on Tokyo Metro Namboku Line/Toei Mita Line at 9:20.
Bishamonten, the god of war and warriors (Kakurinji Temple)
→Hotei, the god of happiness and contentment(Zuishoji Temple)
→Jurojin, the deity of longevity, and and Fukurokuju, the deity of happiness (Myoenji Temple)
→Daikoku, the god of wealth, farmers and the kitchen (Daienji Temple)
→Benten, the deity of music and fine arts (Banryuji Temple)
→Ebisu, the god of commerce, fishermen and good fortune (Ryusenji Temple)
※Reference: https://metropolisjapan.com/yamate-seven-lucky-gods-walk/
Guide: in Japanese and English
Participants: 19
Non-native Japanese*12 (Brazil*1 China*1 Finland*1 Iran:1 Malaysia*1 Mongol*1 Singapore*1 Taiwan*2 USA*3)
Guide volunteer*1 (Meguro Tourism Association)
Meguro Tourism Association staff member*1
Interpreter volunteers*3 (MIFA)
MIFA staff members*2
Note: Participants were requested to observe the following:
・Temperature: MIFA staff will check bodily temperature of participants.
・Mask: Participants are requested to wear a facial mask.
・Disinfection: Participants are requested to disinfect their hands regularly.
・Social distance: Participants are requested to keep a social distance.
・Grouping: Participants are to be divided into groups that consist of 10 people.
・Fever: A participant is quested to refrain from joining the tour if she/he has a fever.
・Ventilation: All the activities are to be conducted outdoor.
Inquiry: Meguro International Friendship Association
TEL: 03-3715-4671 FAX: 03-3715-4672
Email: info@mifa.jp
URL:  https://www.mifa.jp

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