Are you well prepared for heavy rain and typhoon?

In Japan, there is a rainy season called “Tsuyu” somewhere between May and July. To prepare for heavy rain and typhoon, Meguro City is taking the following measures.

In case of a flood warning
Flood warnings are announced jointly by the Tokyo Metoropolitan Government and the Japan Meteorological Agency, when rivers are likely to flood in the wake of heavy rain. Meguro River’s water level rises rapidly and can start flooding in a short time once such a warning is issued. Residents of the Meguro River basin are advised to take immediate action, like evacuating to upper floors or moving out of the basement.

Obtain sandbags in advance
Sandbags to prevent rain water leak into the house are available at 46 locations within the city. For details, please visit the Meguro City website.

Help each other in the neighborhood
When you receive disaster-related warnings and / or alerts such as a flood warning of the Meguro River or mudslide alerts, please help each other in the neighborhood. For example, you can share the information with you neighbors, pile up sandbags together and help evacuate people to a higher place.

Meguro City Disaster Prevention Weather Report
Meguro City provides residents with local weather forecast, precipitation data, river water level data, live camera feed (Japanese version only) and so on. For details, please see the Meguro City Disaster Prevention Activity Manual.


July 5th, 2019
Edited by: Meguro International Friendship Association(MIFA)




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