Nakameguro Walk in Easy Japanese with Local Students

Walking Course Designing Workshop –  (This event is CLOSED)

Let’s create a walking course in Nakameguro with local Japanese students! The 2 days workshop will take place on Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6.

This event is highly recommended for those who:
◆ would like to interact with Japanese students
◆ are learning Japanese/ would like to practice it
◆ love walking or exploring new places

Find onomatopoeia in the Nakameguro area.

Do you know any Japanese onomatopoeia?
Onomatopoeia is the naming of a thing or action by imitation of natural sounds.

Find a place or thing which can be described in Japanese onomatopoeia in the Meguro area, and create your original waking course.

For example, can you find things that can be described using onomatopoeia such as:
‘kira kira’ ‘tsuru tsuru’ ‘sara sara’ ‘fuwa fuwa’ ‘ wan wan’ ‘nyan nyan’


Day 1 (Saturday, August 5)
You will work in groups and local students will communicate with you using easy Japanese. Each group will create their own walking course which includes places and things can be described in Japanese onomatopoeia.

Day 2 (Sunday, August 6)
You will actually walk the course taking photos with your group members. At the end, all groups will present their course in easy Japanese.

Time & Date ※ mandatory to participate on both days

Day 1: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm on Saturday, August 5 2023.
Day 2: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Sunday, August 6 2023.
(*Day 2 includes lunch break)

Meeting Time: [Day 1] 10:25am  [Day 2] 9:55am

Location Meguro International Friendship Association
7 min. walk from Nakameguro sta.
(5th Floor of Meguro City Office Complex’ Annex, 2-19-15 Kamimeguro, Meguro-City, Tokyo)
access information
Contens See above.
Capacity 16 people (First come, first served)
Fee Free
Language Easy Japanese
Sign-up This event is CLOSED

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