“Lagman (Noodles with beef and vegetable soup)”

Ingredients (5 servings)
370g flour
115-135cc warm water
12g salt
sald oil
salt for boiling noodles

300g beef
1 large onion
2-3 paprika green
1/2 paprika red
1 mid carrot
5cm radish
1 with leaves celery
1 small potato
5 cloves garics
200cc (canned) chopped tomato
2 anises
2 tbsps salad oil
1500cc water

 Add salt to warm-hot water.
 Sieve flour and add . Knead well and shape the dough into a ball. Let stand for 10 min. cover with plastic wrap.
 Flattenand cut into 10 of 50g pieces.
 Take oil and extend the piece about 4-5 times long. Coil on a tray, oint, cover and let stand for 10min.
 5 Extend the noodle 3-4 times longer, coil, oint, cover and let stand for 10 min.
 6 Extend the noodle 3-4 times longer. Take on both hands 40cm apart, shake and extend. Leave on tray, oint and ready to boil.
 7 Add salt to boiling water, add 1-2 noodles and stir to separate the strands.
 8 When the noodles floats, take it out with sieve. Leave until cool and oint.

 Chop meat 8mm x 5mm x 3cm.
 Chop radish 4mm x 4mm x 3cm.
 Slice garlic. Cut other vegetables 1.5mm x 1cm.
 Heat pan, put oil and fry onion until golden.
 5 Add meat and add vegetables in order.
 6 Add diced tomatoes, spice, water and cook for 15 min.
 7 Place noodles into bowl and pour hot soup on top.


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