【Report】Enjoy Cherry and Plum Blossoms and Talk!

We enjoyed cherry and plum blossoms and talk!

Time 13:40-15:40 on Feb 23(Sat.)2019
Place Rinshinomori Park (5, Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku)
Meet at the exit of Fudomae Station on Tokyu Tokyo Line at 13:40
Content 13:40 Meet at Fudomae Station on Tokyu Meguro Line
13:45 Visit Joujuin Temple and Enjoy Plum Blossoms
14:00 Visit Anyoin Temple and Enjoy Plum Blossoms
14:15 Visit Meguro Fudo Temple and Enjoy Plum Blossoms
14:30 Visit Rinshinomori Park and Enjoy Cherry Blossoms
15:00 Visit Fudomae Juku Center ant Talk
15:30 Finish
Participants 4 (Bangladesh*2 Japan*1 New Zealand*1)

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