【Report】Kyudo Lesson

Time: May. 5 (Sun.), 2024; (1)9:30-10:30 (2)11:00-12:00
Place: Meguro Chuo Gymnasium (5th floor, 5-22-8, Megurohoncho, Meguro-ku;7 min. walk from Nishikoyama Station on Meguro Line.
Content: Participants shoot arrows
Fee: Free
Eligibility: To be a non-native Japanese resident over 12 years old.
Language: Japanese/English.
Participants: 20
9:30-10:30:8 /11:00-12:00:12
Brazil1 Canada3 China3 Denmark1 France1 Kenya1 Myanmar1 Sweden1 Panama1 Philippines2
Romania1 Taiwan2 Thailand1 USA1

  1. Where did you get the information about this event?
    MIFA website (4)
  2. What motivated you to take part in this event?
    I have known for some time about kyudo and even watched the competition where my home country participated, so I wanted to give it a try and learn more about it.

Kyudo is a beautiful martial art that not only trains your body but also enriches the spiritual essence. Upon my arrival in Japan a month ago, my first priority was to find a place to begin practicing Kyudo. Fortunately, I discovered an event tailored for international visitors, which greatly assists with language barriers.

Because I’ve tried archery before, and wanted to try kyudo.

I watched the anime Tsurune and searched for kyudo online, then I saw the lessons on the MIFA website.
I’m interested in trying new experiences while staying here in Japan, so I informed some friends and enrolled for the lesson.

  1. Was this event enjoyable? Please give reasons for your answer, if possible.

This event was very enjoyable, especially since we were able to shoot multiple arrows and got guidance and feedback from the instructors while shooting. It was great to be able to practice it in a dojo under the supervision of the teachers. Thank you again!

It was an amazing experience. The staff were very friendly, and all the instructions were clearly explained.

The instructors were kind and humble in demonstrating how to shoot an arrow for us beginners.
The facilities are nice and clean. The distance from the subway station is acceptable.

It was interesting to see the similarities and differences with archery, and It was also fun to actually shoot the bow with a group of people sharing the same interests.
Thanks to the great help of the coaches and staff from Meguro Kyudo Federation as well as from MIFA, I really had a good time.

It was! The instructors were very nice and explained each step well. I just didn’t realize aiming would be difficult!
I would’ve loved to see one of the instructors shoot an arrow starting from the official line and listen to the sound of tsurune in person, but I understand it would’ve been difficult in the environment setup implemented for the lesson.

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